The term ‘brand’ originates from when farmers branded their cattle with a hot iron!

A brand was literally a stamp of ownership. Later, brands were marks burnt into wooden packaging to denote the source of a product. A brand became a mark of quality.

Today, brands stand for much more.

A brand is every element of a company that creates a lasting impression. A brand is an unspoken contract a company makes with its customers. A brand is not just a logo. Not just a product. Not just a company name.

A brand is the core accumulation of the values and design that embodies all the elements of a company.

An effective brand…

  • Reinforces a reputation
  • Encourages loyalty
  • Ensures quality
  • Conveys worth
  • Creates community
  • Evokes desire

Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, there is one thing you have to remember. The biggest obstacle of building a brand is:

You can’t tell a customer what you brand is. A brand is the interpretation of your company inside your customer’s head.

A good brand cannot mask poor products or a bad service. A good brand has to have roots in a quality company.

A quality company can build an effective brand by creating a focused impression.

Brands are built through thoughtful, quality design that is implemented consistently across your company. Each element of your company – from you logo, colours, font, website, stationery and tone of voice – must resonate with your values and uniqueness.

Your brand is your most valuable business asset. Without it, your company could sink into obscurity. Don’t let that happen.

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